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“Allyship is more than just attending events. Active allyship is about sitting with the discomfort of not having the answers. It is about vulnerability and privilege!”


When I say equity, I don’t mean money.” 

Equity is about giving people what they need to thrive! It is different from equality.
Equality is about giving people equally or the same opportunity irrespective of any
diverse characteristics. 

So why should equity be highlighted rather than equality?

When addressing DEI, a one-size-all approach just does not work. Creating equality
can still breed further opportunities for some and disadvantage others. This is
because we do not all start from the same place in life. One’s ethnicity,
socioeconomic background, culture and race all have
a part to play in dictating
where in society and life a person starts. Wherever that starting place may be
can either propel a person forward or hold them back. 

Within this concept, Hannah explores the role of the ally. Using her three ‘Ps to
Allyship’s model, Hannah explores what active allyship really means and how leaders
can lean into sponsorship to ignite real change in representation. Hannah is often
asked what privilege really means and explores why the term ‘white privilege’ is so
triggering to some. She speaks openly about her own advantage and the privilege
her children now possess having high-earning parents, something Hannah was not
familiar with herself as a child. 

Hannah Awonuga is an award-winning diversity, equity and inclusion senior
professional with 17 years of experience. Hannah explores the role of inclusive
leadership, allyship and sponsors to drive equity and inclusion in the workplace,
using her own thought leadership and passion for DEI. Hannah is an experienced
DEI speaker who challenges senior leaders, providing a safe space for
conversations to unpick biases and dig deep into what it takes to become an
inclusive leader.

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